Clinics and Veterinarians

“I’m a tech student that has be working in a veterinary hospital for 12 years now and I love the new Kit4Cat. We usually use No-sorb, but I really hated it. The cats would be at the clinic for hours. They would knock the No-sorb everywhere, play with it, and with long haired cats it would get stuck in their hair. I recently did a research on what cats really would use in the clinic? I think I already know, but it was for school. Hands down the cats used Kit4Cat. They would even sit in the litter boxes like they would do if it was normal litter. I used different supplements and only had 2 that would not use the Kit4Cat out of 15. I didn’t have little black floating plastic in my sample, and owners were quiet happy that their cat didn’t need to stay as long. I’m sure the clients could use this at home. Just wanted you to know, but I’m sure you knew, the product is great.”

Angie Waters, Veterinary Technician, North Town Veterinary Hospital

“Love the product…”

Sue, Veterinary Nurse, Pet House Calls Veterinary Clinic

“I love this stuff!”

Melissa Smith, CVT, Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service (AEVS)

“4 days with Nosorb litter, cat kept urinating on paper or blanket. When sand came in, put in cage and overnight cat used box, able to obtain free catch sample.”

Andrea Stoops, Vet Nurse, Ayer Animal Medical Center

“We thought the kit was great.”

Karen Campbell, Veterinary Technician, Smithtown Valley Animal Hospital

“I actually spoke to the particular client we sent Kit4Cat home with; He thoroughly enjoyed the product and thought it worked well…”

Stacie Morneault, Veterinary Technician, Fort Kent Animal Hospital

“I am in love with Kit4Cat. Kit4Cat is revolutionary in the realm of feline medicine. It does amazingly in terms of boosting owner compliance for wellness screens, especially for the senior cats – without the trauma and stress of a cystocentesis. I love that I am able to get owners onboard to obtain a sample of urine effortlessly. I have yet to meet a feline patient who has resisted this product. I am officially done with those “little white beads”. Kit4Cat has made a believer out of me. Now I just have to convince the rest of the staff! Thank you again!”

Dr. Ryane E. Englar, DVM, Towne & Country Vets

“I tried this product right after the vet conference with a client I could not collect a urine sample on. Worked great. I am sold. Easy!”

Dr. Susan Grove, San Diego Vet2You Veterinary Services

We have started to use the Kit4Cat sand in place of the Nosorb. Clients and their cats like it more. We love the product.

Dr. Cynthia Wojcicki, Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital

My one cat has recently had some issues with crystals and UTI’s so I have been searching for the best way to obtain a urine sample without stressing my cat out.  I read on a lot of websites that people were using Kit4Cat.  I headed to Amazon and ordered a bag right away.  I was so impressed, I decided to review it on my blog:
My vet was even impressed by the fact that it did not affect any of the various tests he conducted on the urine sample, and recommended that I continue using this product whenever I need to  give him another urine sample from my cat. “
Thanks for making such a revolutionary product – I wish more people knew about your product!  It would save them so much time, and stress!

Diane Walline Writer at Me, Him and the Cats
Pet Owners

“WOW… Using Kit4Cat was SO EASY!!! Once my two cats realized that their normal litter wasn’t available, they chose the litter box with Kit4Cat. Once they left the room, I was able to capture their urine. About a month ago, my two cats had their senior wellness vet visit. One cat had blood in her bladder-obtained urine sample (let’s recheck); the other cat’s bladder was too small. We couldn’t stay there all day, so I was sent to the local pet store for the recommended Nosorb product; they didnt’ have any, nor did they have any urine-capturing products. Thus, once I returned home, I ordered Nosorb online. After reading several Nosorb reviews, I came across a diabetic cat owner’s post that listed Kit4Cat. After reviewing your website and video, I ordered a two-pound bag immediately. I also emailed my vet and she reviewed your video too. Today I tried both Kit4Cat and Nosorb. As mentioned earlier, once they realized that their normal litter wasn’t there, my cats went right to the box with Kit4Cat. After capturing the first urine sample, I absorbed the remaining urine with paper towels and then separated the litter that was within 1″ of the urine (My cats pee in the corner of their boxes.); I kept the remaining litter. Then I placed the clean litter into a clean box for the second cat. Then I brought both samples to my vet’s office for processing. I also brought the Kit4Cat bag and good litter. After hearing my praise and testimony, and obtaining some of the litter, my vet immediately asked the office manager to order Kit4Cat!!! The vet clinic (VCA Hospitals in Fort Collins, CO) had no feline urine-capturing product for sale; they sent me to buy Nosorb (no pet store here carries it); and had not heard of the Kit4Cat. Thank God for the post from the other customer!!! I LOVE this product!!! My vet is sold! As Fort Collins, CO, has a major veterinary training school, please consider coming to this area to demo your product!!! Word of mouth…”

Sue Ehrfurth, Cat Owner, Colorado

“I’ve been trying to get a urine sample from my cat for two weeks now. The first two attempts used plastic litter, and my poor cat was so turned off by it that I ended up locking him in a bathroom for two days to get him to go. Both times he howled in abject misery at the 48th hour, resulting in my restoring the regular litter box out of fear he would end up with a UTI. Meanwhile, I was stressed and he was so stressed that his herpes flared up. After swearing that there had to be a better way, I ran across this product. I put it in his box at 6 p.m., and three hours later–at his regular time–I had a sample. No mess, no stress, no quarantines, no stand-offs. This product is worth every penny I paid for it, and I plan on introducing it to my vet tomorrow morning. Then I’m going to order more of this for the next time I need a sample.”

J.Wolf Gold, Louisville, KT

“Works great. It really does not soak up any liquid!”

Inga Drepper, CA

“This product is great!!!! I tried for weeks to get the cat to use NOSORB that the vet gave me and I was able to get the cat to use this litter in one day. The litter looks more like normal litter. I will use this in the future for sure.”

Billy Bumgarner

“Thank goodness for this product. It made getting a urine sample so much easier.”

Elizabeth P. Strehl

“Amazing product! My cat became hyperthyroid and we’re working to get the condition treated correctly. The vet wanted to do a urine specific gravity test. Last time I needed a urine sample it took 19 hours. I had to cut up plastic drinking straws into pellets and put them in the box. What a pain. The poor cat was locked in the bathroom, I had to keep checking on her. Now the specialist I’m taking her to wants another urine test! This time around I used Kit4Cat–what a difference! All done in a few hours, easy cleanup, happy cat! I’m buying more to have on hand in case there’s a next time!”

C.M., Lancaster, NY