Kit4Cat is revolutionary biodegradable hydrophobic sand that has a natural non-toxic urine repelling coating. 100% natural, nontoxic, and biodegradable, Kit4Cat looks, smells, and feels like real sand, so cats are not only compliant, but love it. The hydrophobic properties keep the cat urine on top, making sample collection easy, painless, and stress free. It allows veterinarians, technicians, and cat owners to quickly and easily collect a cat’s urine sample, without resorting to invasive procedures such as Cystocentesis.

Each Kit4Cat box contains 3 bags of hydrophobic sand (11 oz each) and 3 sets of pipettes and vials. To use, simply spread the contents of one or more of the Kit4Cat bags (depending on the size of the litter tray) into a clean and empty litter tray, and let the cat freely urinate onto the sand. The cat’s urine will stay on top, allowing you to collect the urine using the pipette and vial.

See the instructional illustration below and be sure to watch the short video on the home page to learn how to use this effective urine collection method.


Obtain a clean uncontaminated sample


Reduces animal stress and maintains high standards of animal welfare


Easy collection saves time and makes the process stress free


Non-invasive. Maintains the highest standards of welfare and ideal for regular urine sample collection.


Recommended by top veterinarians and pharmaceutical companies


100% Natural. The all-natural hydrophobic coating is nontoxic and biodegradable, making disposal easy


Biogradable, so disposal is easy

How to use

Step 1


Pour all of the contents of one or more bags of Kit4Cat hydrophobic sand into a clean and empty litter box

How to use

Step 2


Allow the cat to freely urinate on the sand

Step 3


Easily collect the urine samples which stay on top of the sand with the provided pipette

Step 4


Fill the provided vial with the collected urine sample

Step 5


Seal the vial and store accordingly

Step 6


Transfer the collected urine for urinalysis


Benefits for Veterinarians

  • Save time and money

  • Very high cat compliance

  • Obtain a clean urine sample

  • Another quality product to sell

  • Cat owners can collect a sample at home

Benefits for Technicians

  • No forcing cats to urinate

  • No mess to clean up

  • No cat bites or scratches

  • Saves time and effort

  • Collect urine from older & obese cats with ease

Benefits for Cat Owners

  • Easy to use at home

  • No cat hospitalization

  • No cat suffering

  • Biodegradable, so disposal is easy

Benefits for Cats

  • Painless and stress-free urine collection

  • Cats love it

  • No pain

  • Feels like regular sand

  • Odorless

Kit4Cat is veterinarian-approved, and laboratory tested, having gone through extensive validation testing.
Click Here for a summary of this study.

Downloadable files:

Kit4Cat Product Brochure – (2Mb PDF)
Kit4Cat MSDS – (140KB PDF)
Kit4Cat Validation (360kb PDF)